JR Vox – Vocals
David del Cid – Guitars
Pierre Afoumado – Guitars
Erick Tekilla – Bass
Matthew Monroe – Drums

British band Neuronspoiler has worked tirelessly for almost a decade to become London’s premier heavy metal band!

The band’s sound combines the fist-pumping strength of heavy metal, the taste and feel of classic rock and the headbanging precision of thrash. Their brand of no-rules heavy metal finds the perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.

Their debut EP, No One’s Safe, produced by Misha Nikolic (Mike Terrana, John West), was released in November 2010. It received incredibly positive reactions from fans and critics, with Malcolm Dome of Classic Rock Magazine tipping it as one of six self-released records that could have “transformed your lives… within 12 months.”

Then in February 2013 they released their first full-length album, Emergence, produced by Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, Panic Cell, Adrian Smith) and was also well received by critics, with Terrorizer Magazine writing “Listen to this without pumping those fists – we defy you. This is fast, furious and fabulous.” among many others.

Neuronspoiler don’t care about trying to be faster, heavier, sicker or drunker than anyone else. Passion for music is their driving force, and their aim is to excite that love in all who hear them. 

The band has released their sophomore full length album entitled “Second Sight” on Dissonance Productions label. Preorder on CD and vinyl here.