Reviews of Second Sight

“The band take a massive chance by covering lost Judas Priest classic Heart of a Lion, but it pays off. Not many bands could come close to the titanic Racer X version of this song, but Neuronspoiler do just that, all the while giving the track enough of their own stamp to make the cover worthwhile. It fits in with the rest of the album seamlessly, which says a lot in itself.”

– Sentinel Daily

“The sound of Neuronspoiler is a magical blend of British bands Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Black Sabbath, but with a touch more aggression and a lot more heaviness. The future of British metal is in safe hands.”

Metal Gods TV

“Vocalist J.R. is a really strong performer with tons of smooth melodic tones with his mid and upper register. Musically, it’s pure showmanship as the band cherishes the NWOBHM sound but injecting sparks of European power metal.”

– Maximum Metal

This five-piece band, possess a sound that is equal parts hard rock, thrash, prog; and seem to pepper every track with an indigenous glaze of emotive prowess. There is so many pieces to this album, which all fall into place so very well; the guitar riffs are exciting with some really big hooks in the rhythms, and the lead work has a rampaging flamboyance.

Metal Temple

“Second Sight sees the Londoners in fine form, mixing classic NWOBHM with modern metal and throwing in a dash of power metal for good measure,which should ensure the band finds fans old and new, as there really is something for everyone.”

– Powerplay magazine (Nov 2017)

“Damned good heavy metal in the classic/traditional way, with a singer that is just as good as any of the better (and more well-known) from the 70s/80s. This band really know how to deliver a good heavy metal song. This album is just as good as any of your favorite albums from the 80s.”

Hard Rock Info

“This is classic heavy metal. To say that it follows in the footsteps of NWOBHM would be to stretch the truth a bit too far. Sure, there are hints at that era but there are also more modern touches to this. And that is what makes this so impressive.”

Battle Helm Magazine

“If you like melodic, British metal from the 80’s then Neuronspoiler is a band to follow in the future.”

– SCREAM magazine (Norway) – Number 220 (10/2017)

“The British are not only limited to first-class solos, but they also build skillfully placed licks within their songs, in order to add additional power to the songs.” (German)

“Every damn song is a hit and makes this album one of the Classic Metal highlights of the year for me, because they bring the “old” influences with an ease to the present time.”

Mega Metal (German)

Reviews of Emergence

“Very tight, extremely shiny and dangerously sharp… certainly on the cusp of something special. 8/10″
Powerplay Magazine

“The birth of a new genre Titan?… Emergence destroys the opposition over the course of an hour of anthemic, no holds barred musical brilliance.”
Metal as Fuck

“You see, this album makes me feel young… this album has a vitality and playfulness to it that reminds me of being 8 and discovering Iron Maiden, Kiss, Metallica, WASP, King Diamond…. It reminds me that metal can be (whisper it) FUN!”
Echoes and Dust

“Opinions of this record are soon converted to positive shrieks of delight as its sheer amount of stunning riffs wins you over.”
Rock Fusion

“Glorious metal in excelsis… The kind of stuff that goes beyond mere trends”
The Power of the Riff

“Emergence is a no frills thrill ride that brings back the raw nature of the early years of metal…just what the doctor ordered!”
A Metal State of Mind

“Imagine Iron Maiden crossed with some Judas Priest but with an updated and fresh feel, and you’re getting somewhere close to what’s on offer here!”
Loud Stuff

“Neuronspoiler’s debut album is very aptly titled ‘Emergence’ and it’s about to put this band right at the forefront of the NWOTHM scene.”
The Great Northern Blogkill

“The twin guitar duelling of Dave Shirman and David del Cid, weave and twist with expert playing and dizzy, spiralling riffs of high altitude magnificence.”
Midlands Rocks

“Neuronspoiler’s Emergence is the real deal, authentic ‘true’ metal, and strongly recommended. 5/5″

“Neuronspoiler’s united nations come together to provide us with some damn fine thumping metal tunes. Immensely enjoyable. 9/10″
Planet Mosh

“A multitude of catchy riffs, powerhouse hooks and ram-your-fist-in-the-air-sing-a-long choruses”
Rock Regeneration

“A world of well-constructed drum tracks layered with classic riffs, brilliant solos and stunning lyrics
The Bite Magazine

“10 tracks of top notch retro metal mixing Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and even some early Van Halen to great effect.”
Musipedia or Metal

“Never have more inspirational messages been found so consistently hidden amongst heavy metal music… The quality of this album is near perfect”
The Metal Review

“Essentially Emergence, is a rock and roll masterwork, something that can probably stand the test of time and show that the New Wave of British Heavy Metal didn’t die in 1986 but continues to soar high today”
Two Guys Metal Reviews

“An excellent contrast between eighties metal sounds and the edgier end of melodic rock… all played with some first rate lead guitar work.”
Real Gone

“This group should win band of the year!”
Metal Daze (Spain)

“The amount of talent displayed on this record is almost immeasurable. Every self-respecting rocker owes it to him/herself to own this album. 5/5″
Denim and Leather ‘Zine

“A sophisticated and well-played album which contains 10 sticks of dynamite.”
Rock Overdose (Greece)

“Riff-laden hard & heavy music, with decent melodies, great performances and lots of rockin’ attitude…”
Grande Rock

“Bang your head and swing your pitcher. Like a needle to the throat – it will make you bleed.”

“The music is easy to head bang to. Let me make this clear though, you will head bang to this album.”
Rock Made of Metal

“What you’ve got here is some traditional heavy metal, European melodic metal, neoclassical, classic rock, power metal, hard rock, modern metal and, well, whatever else they can summon up, all coming together in a way that sounds almost natural. Like breathing.”
Heavy Metal Time Machine

“For every fan of the hard ‘n’ heavy sound, this is highly recommended.”
Heavy Paradise

“Neuronspoiler combine the best of the early days with a modern day production and 2014 sensibilities making this an epic banging adventure.”
Pure Grain Audio

“Upfront bass, distorted racing guitars, hook friendly lyrics and the occasional nicely pitched banshee scream

“Invincible Man is a track of rare class
Zware Metalen (Netherlands)

Reviews of No One’s Safe

Freewheeling, flamboyant guitar solos combine with soaring vocals, catchy rhythms and pounding drums to create something that just works. And works very well.”
-Zero Tolerance Magazine (Feb/Mar 2011)

“This multi-cultural quintet, based in London, have one thing going for them on the five-track CD No One’s Safe: they can really play… there are some truly rich passages of guitar interplay. This alone gives the band a cachet.”
-Malcolm Dome – Classic Rock Magazine Blog

“Listen to this without pumping those fists – we defy you. This is fast, furious and fabulous.”
-Terrorizer Magazine (April 2011)

Soaring vocals, big guitar solos and plenty of shredding along with drum rhythms so fast they literally take your breath away, Neuronspoiler certainly don’t do things by halves!”
-Sian Jennifer Smith –

“Vocalist JR has one of those rare things in metal music: a set of lungs that doesn’t sound exactly like someone else’s.”
-Alec Plowman – PowerPlay Magazine

“Neuronspoiler are one of the best new bands, I have ever heard”
-Mike Catricola – The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

Outstanding technical skills and varied vocals”
RockHard Magazine (Ger)

“For fans of the old school styles of metal crossed with a bit of thrash a-la Megadeth, Neuronspoiler are going to be one of the bands to listen to this year.”
-Matt ‘Cygnus’ Dawson – Sonic Shocks

“Neuronspoiler are fast, loud, heavy and grinding. But that’s not what makes them stand out… Neuronspoiler play with passion.”
-Sarah Collins – Black Velvet Magazine

“The band also presents listeners with top-notch songwriting, leaving listeners with not a single moment of boredom throughout the 5 tracks on the album.”
-Hong Rui – Heavy Metal Tribune

“A five tracker which reminds me of classic metal a la Dio & Iron Maiden. Singer JR has a voice that reminds of Ronnie with elements of Hetfield & Mustaine. Good stuff!”
-Glenn Milligan – Metalliville

“Neuronspoiler has managed to write five really catchy and groovy tracks, great musical skills and very nice song structures… there’s absolutely talent in this band.”
-Erika Wallberg – Metal Temple

“This is headbanging metal that is about as good as it gets.”
Metalcore Fanzine

“In J.R. they have a classic metal vocalist, their sound is traditional metal without ever being dated or stale.”
Organ Art

“Neuronspoiler have managed to produce a great EP with enough potential to make me eager to see what they’ll come up with in the future.”
-Justin Donnelly – Blistering

“A spirited vocalist, fast and furious guitars = hard driving, pulsing metal at its best.”
-Mo – Full Metal Rock

Live Reviews

Believe the hype. Neuronspoiler are a well-oiled metal machine… the finest performance this reviewer had ever seen grace that venue”
Metal as Fuck

“But the biggest attraction was undoubtedly the show prepared by Neuronspoiler. The class and popularity of the group best evidenced by the presence of a large group of fans who flew in from Poland specifically for the concert”
Nasze-UK (Pl)

“I was looking forward to witnessing these guys for the first time and boy, I wasn’t disappointed. With more energy and fight than Andy Murray, these guys were like jack rabbits, jumping all over the stage.”

“They hit the stage with a bang, smooth deep vocals and screaming guitars filling Purple Turtle and making the crowd roar. The energy was high and the band were clearly feeling the love.”